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Welcome to this unofficial website dedicated to the talented Swedish actress and singer
Camilla Bard.
Don't hestitate to
contact me if you have any comments or questions.


Last update: 18/07/05

This site has been designed and published by Ness with Camilla's knowledge.

Very special thanks to Camilla Bard for all the talent she's sharing with us and giving me some fresh news!
And I'd like to thank Anika, Clare, Hanna, Ieke, Laurent, Maria, Pepper, Pia, Rachal, Stuart, Sue and Tracy for their help regarding mainly the news and the gallery.

All texts produced on this website is property of the webmaster, unless otherwise credited, who hereby grants to visitors to this web site a license to make one free copy of the text for personal use only. All images and sounds contained on this website remain the property of their original owners. Images reproduced mainly with the permission of their original owners.
If there are any copyright problems, please
contact me.