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18th July 2005
Camilla is doing a workshop of the musical
My Land's Shore. The performance will be on Sunday 7th August at 7.30pm, tickets are £10. The theatre is on Seagrave Road, and the closest tube is West Brompton station.
The show is written by Chris Orton, and it's based on a true story: the coal-miners revolt in Wales in 1831.

1st October 2004
Camilla just got back from the P&O ship Adonia, where she had been a showsinger for the last couple of months.

10th September 2003
Camilla is currently auditioning for various shows.

31st July 2003
Camilla is at the
Edinburgh Festival Fringe, from 31st July until 25th August! She's singing in two musicals: Songs for a new world and Schwartz it all about, which are both produced by Louder than words Ltd. The other performers are Carmen Cusack (Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables), John Cusworth (Grease, Bloodbrothers), Peter Eldridge (Rent), Andy Mace (Full Monty, Rent) and Vicky Kruger (stage debut). For more information visit

16th April 2003
Camilla will perform at t
he Stagestar gig on Sunday 4th May at the Kabaret Club in Soho, London. She will perform a 30 minute set of her own choice of musical and cabaret songs.
The other performers are Mark McGee (Starlight Express), Krysten Cummings (Rent) and Colin Kilbride (Peter Pan). For more information visit

20th October 2001
Camilla is currently auditioning for various West End shows.

7th October 2001
Yesterday was the
final performance of Notre-Dame de Paris. Camilla played the lead role, Esmeralda. Go to the gallery to see some picture taken during the curtain call.

30th September 2001
Camilla is the principal Esmeralda during this last week of

21st September 2001
Notre-Dame de Paris cast was informed that the final show will be on 6th October 2001.